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AERO Style Wiper Blade 26" / 650mm Retro-Fit Front Window

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Brand: MUTLU
1 x 26" / 650mm

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26" / 650mm wiper blade

Standard fitting! This is a RETRO-FIT wiper in the new fashionable AERO stle.

Please make sure that your car has exactly the same fitting type of wipers before buying!

It is very easy to mount the wipers. You can see how easy it is on the photos below. The wipers are mounted on the standard hooks. That is why you can use these wipers on all cars with standard wipers with hooks. You can see that mounting is even easier than mounting the old style of wipers.

The wipers are universal and can be mounted on all cars with standard wipers. You can see some examples of the wipers on different cars on the photos below:

* They have a very clean and sleek look, which you can not see in normal wipers.
* They are not that noticable from behind the dash.
* Long lasting!
* Aerodynamic spoiler which helps when you drive in the rain with high speed!
* No streaking!
* Very quiet!

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