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Valeo First Multiconnection

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2 front wipers
Size: specific size for the car model
Brand: Valeo
Model: First Multiconnection
Attachment type: speciific for the car model
The wipers come with 5 adapters for 11 types of special attachments (see pictures)
100% compatible with your car
They replace the wipers with a special type of attachment on your car
Aerodynamic - flat wipers
High quality and durable

Valeo First Multiconnection are produced by the world leader in the wiper market. The company of the same name is among the twenty leading companies in France. Valeo pays a lot of attention to the design and development of window cleaning systems. Production is established in 13 plants in 8 countries worldwide.

Advantages of Valeo First Multiconnection wipers:

Construction with built-in spoiler. It provides effective cleaning at high speeds.
Tight contact with the surface along the entire length of the wipers.
They meet the standards of car manufacturers.
They have a pre-set adapter. This greatly simplifies the installation procedure.
Flat wiper blade profile. The wipers do not affect the driver's visibility during operation.

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