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2 wiper blades Unique with 10 specific attachments - 60/48cm

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2 front wipers
Size: specific size for the car model
Brand: Unique
Model: Aerodynamic Multiconnection
Attachment type: speciific for the car model
The wipers come with 10 adapters for 11 types of special attachments (see pictures)
100% compatible with your car
They replace the wipers with a special type of attachment on your car
Aerodynamic - flat wipers
High quality and durable

Tested and tried: We think these wipers are the best alternative to more expensive branded wipers. We tried a number of cleaners in the lower price range, tested them over a period of more than 1 year and compared them to more expensive cleaners. The result is that these wipers are the best value for money on the market.

The 10 adapters allow these wipers to be fitted to over 95% of cars on the market.

100% compatible with your car.

They replace wipers with a special grip on your car

Easy to install:

1. Select the appropriate adapter corresponding to the wiper grip of your vehicle.

2. Place the adapter on the wipers.

3. The wipers now have a grip that is the same as your original wipers. Install the wipers in the same way you installed the original wipers.

Advantages of special wipers with 10 adapters:

Best value for money.
They perfectly replace wipers with a special grip on your car.
Easy to install - the same way you install the original wipers.
Aerodynamic - significantly reduce driving noise.
They have no metal compounds that freeze in winter.
Zinc-aluminum construction under the rubber spoiler.
Integrated spoiler - prevents the wipers from turning while driving.

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For Make and Model 60/48cm
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