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Bosch Aerotwin Plus - Premium Quality

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2 front wipers
Size: specific size for the car model
Brand: Bosch
Model: AeroTwin Plus - the highest class of wipers
Attachment type: speciific for the car model
The wipers come with 5 adapters for 11 types of special attachments (see pictures)
100% compatible with your car
They replace the wipers with a special type of attachment on your car
Aerodynamic - flat wipers
High quality and durable

Bosch Aerotwin Plus offer the highest quality glass cleaning, the greatest durability and are much quieter than traditional wipers on the market. The Aerotwin Plus range helps drive safely by providing a clear view of the road with its high-quality wipers. The wipers with the new generation of aerodynamic wipers representing a cleaning feather and an aerodynamic spoiler. Two hidden metal rails support the nib and provide even pressure and cleaning even at high speeds. With the Aerotwin Plus, Bosch has invented a design that provides optimal glass cleaning combined with maximum convenience.

Awarded the 2018 Auto Express Cleaner Test with the maximum 5-star rating ∗∗∗∗∗

Advantages of Bosch Aerotwin wipers:

Incredibly efficient, even at high speed and critical conditions:

Concealed aluminum rails made of Evodium (alloyed aluminum) contribute to high efficiency.
The pressure force is perfectly balanced
Minimal wind noise caused by wipers thanks to optimal aerodynamics
Improved winter performance, no ice formation on joints and metal frames
Innovative grip for adapters for maximum ease of changing them

Innovative Bosch design:

The perfect combination of form and function
A sleek and ultra-flat style replaces traditional wipers
Built-in aerodynamic spoiler
Custom flexible evodium rails for a perfect fit

Extended service life:

Even distribution of pressure force prevents uneven wear
This balance also increases resistance against insects and stubborn dirt
Tried and tested two-component wiper technology

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