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Valeo Hybrid

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Set: 2 front wipers
Size: specific size for the car model
Brand: Valeo
Model: First Hybrid
Grip type: standard, HOOK type

Hybrid design

It combines an aerodynamic protective cover with a fully integrated flat feather.

The best of both worlds

A combination between the classic metal wipers and the new aerodynamic flat wipers.


Maximum contact and optimal pressure on the windshield

A wiper designed for vehicles with a sporty look, Valeo First Hybrid gives you driving pleasure and safety in all weather conditions.

The Protective Cover technology combines the longitudinal outer coating with the thin flexibility of a curved flat nib for optimal glass cleaning.

Original design
The attractive design of the hybrid protective cover fully protects the integrated flat nib.

Unique and innovative spoiler shape for maximum aerodynamic performance and optimized airflow control at all speeds.

Provides maximum contact and optimal pressure on the windshield, resulting in:
Minimal vibrations at high speed
Reduced wind lift
Noise reduction during operation

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