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Bosch AeroEco

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2 front wipers
Size: specific size for the car model
Brand: Bosch
Model: AeroEco
Attachment type: speciific for the car model
The wipers come with 5 adapters for 11 types of special attachments (see pictures)
100% compatible with your car
They replace the wipers with a special type of attachment on your car
Aerodynamic - flat wipers
High quality and durable

Bosch AeroEco offers quality glass cleaning, high durability and quiet operation. The AerotEco range helps drive safely by providing a clear view of the road with its high-quality wipers. The wipers with the new generation of aerodynamic wipers representing a cleaning feather and an aerodynamic spoiler. Two hidden metal rails support the nib and provide even pressure and cleaning even at high speeds.

Advantages of Bosch AeroEco wipers:

Incredibly efficient, even at high speed and critical conditions:

Concealed aluminum rails aid in high efficiency.
Balanced pressure force
Aerodynamics ensuring silence during movement and work
Innovative grip for adapters for maximum ease of changing them

Innovative Bosch design:

The perfect combination of form and function
A sleek and ultra-flat style replaces traditional wipers
Built-in aerodynamic spoiler
Flexible rails balanced fit

Extended service life:

Even distribution of pressure force prevents uneven wear
This balance also increases resistance against insects and stubborn dirt
Tried and tested two-component wiper technology

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